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BIM for engineers: 3D Technology Makes it Easier to Manage Development Projects

BIM for Engineers Building Information Modeling or BIM offers several advantages in the areas of building remodeling, construction planning, land surveying, and more. The technology involves collecting three-dimensional data to generate digital representations of a structure or property. The information is managed in its digital form and makes it easier to collaborate between all parties […]

3D Laser Scanning Technology: What Are the Benefits?

Many beneficial technologies have emerged to aid in processes such as surveying, architectural design, and land or property evaluation. Among these options, 3D Laser Scanning Technology is used in several ways to help with the design and construction of buildings as well as for gaining survey information about a location. 3D Laser Scanning Technology makes […]

Why Survey Before a Building Renovation?

If you are in process of or getting ready to perform a building renovation, then complete asbuilt information is necessary to ensure the job is done right the first time. This type of project requires specific information about the structure in order to make the best decisions. For example, without knowledge of the systems within […]

BIM for Architects: An Effective Way to Enhance Creativity

The technology used to map and create Architectural asbuilt has significantly changed. This is largely due to several advancements in how the data is captured for use during design and construction. Building Information Modeling or BIM for architects delivers reliable digital models that may be used to make help the designer make better decisions. A […]

BIM Services: Fortifying the Design and Building Process

Building Information Modeling or BIM services are provided to manage the physical and functional characteristics of a location or structure in digital form. Generated models may be shared to improve the decision-making process for all involved parties. BIM services have proven to be useful in these areas: Planning Design Construction Operations Maintenance These models are […]

How Do Construction Professionals Use BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a three-dimensional technology that combines the use of intelligent information with the modeling process to deliver accurate representations prior to, during, or post construction. It helps service providers to align objectives, as analysis, planning, and building take place. BIM offers advantages from the initial stages of planning including land surveying […]

High Definition Surveying: What Is It?

High Definition Surveying (HDS) or 3D Laser Scanning is a now an industry standard for small or large development projects. Several technology advancements have made this approach one of the best ways to keep a project moving smoothly and costs low. This is because high definition surveying helps managers gain precision data faster for incorporation […]

What Is The Purpose Behind Building Mapping?

Building mapping is a type of survey performed by professionals to identify the location of each constructed element of a structure to gain measurements or produce plans. These processes are typically required prior to renovating a building or at some point during construction. Building mapping technology captures the current state of a building or facility. […]

Benefits of BIM for Surveying, Design, and Construction

Historic renovation Plant to Hotel from LandAir Surveying on Vimeo. BIM or Building Information Modeling involves the generation of 3D digital representations of the physical or functional characteristics for an existing enviroment. BIM technology allows designers to easily collaborate during the decision making process of a building process. The information is beneficial to many design […]