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3D Laser Surveying – How it Works – Better. Faster. Cheaper.

3D laser surveying, or high-definition scanning, is quickly becoming the new industry standard when it comes to making precise measurements in complex environments. Construction companies use laser scans to gather precise data on site terrain, renovations and additions. Architects use them to check proposed design models against existing conditions to fine-tune their designs, and engineers […]

SPAR 2011 Conference – Houston, Texas – Part 2

The two main focuses of the SPAR 2011 conference are education and involvement with hardware products and software products which go along with and enable/enhance 3D Laser Scanning.  Generally I think that this year both of these advanced as much as I have seen since the early years in the industry. Hardware-Terrestrial Scanners Where do […]

Scanning For Forensic Criminal Defense Presentations

Winning Cases by Using Cutting Edge Digital Scanning Equipment: Taking Animation and Jury Presentations to a New Level 3D Laser Scanning is a rapidly growing technology sweeping across the nation.  While the technology is relatively new, it is now being embraced by law enforcement agencies, federal crime agencies, the secret service and major police departments […]

Taking a Chance with Laser Scanning Technology

LandAir Surveying began doing business in the 1988 by offering site and topographic surveys to the engineering and construction industry. The company originally started with two survey crews. There were fewer than ten employees and surveying services were offered in Georgia and nearby states. Over the next ten years the business expanded tremendously to include […]