LandAir Surveying was founded on a few very simple principles.  We wanted to provide the highest quality of surveying services to our clients.  We wanted to provide these services in a professional manner and we wanted to hire and keep the best team possible to provide these services.  Those have always been the guiding principles of the firm.  To that end we have always been leaders in technology. When we find a better way of gathering survey data through the use of technology we embrace it.  We have moved from the older surveying techniques to the most modern.  From Land Surveying with one shot total stations to scanning with 500,000 point per second 3D Laser Scanners.  We were leaders in GPS technology and we constantly look to upgrade what we do and how we do it. We are experts in the field or Aerial surveying and work with some of the best groups in the nation.   Our clients over the years have shown their appreciation by continuing to work with us and give us projects large and small because they want quality data. Service is really what it is all about.    It is not just Land Surveying it encompasses GIS information, Lidar technology, whether airborne or terrestrial, above ground data collection, below ground and underwater data collection.  It is all data. Service is the difference

Having been a user of the 3D Laser Scanning technology for over 6 years we have seen the whole field explode with possibilities.  They scope and types of work we are doing with this technology allows us to capture data and solve problems that could never have been done without it. Now we hear words like BIM and Clash Detection, these processes did not exist even 8 years ago. This has completely changed the way we approach projects.

If we can help you on your project please Contact us, even if it is to ask a question as to how to approach a project or get you a price or estimate.  We understand all the tools available and when and where each will work best and more importantly which will get you the data you need at the best cost.

Our team has been together since 1988 and we are proud of where we are and the people and clients we work with.

H. Tate Jones

President LandAir Surveying Company of Georgia