BIM Services: Fortifying the Design and Building Process

Building Information Modeling or BIM services are provided to manage the physical and functional characteristics of a location or structure in digital form. Generated models may be shared to improve the decision-making process for all involved parties. BIM services have proven to be useful in these areas:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Maintenance

These models are an excellent resource for mapping out structures and large diverse physical infrastructures like wastewater facilities or sports arenas. BIM services essentially provide a 3D digital blue print of a structure or area that serves as an aid in every aspect of the above activities.

Why Use Advanced Modeling Methods?
Traditional practices involve the creation of two-dimensional drawings, which take more time and have a greater margin for error. They require multiple visits to the site or structure to gain the needed asbuilt documentation. 3D BIM services offer advanced modeling benefits beyond geometric features to deliver reliable information about:

  • Spatial Relationships
  • Light Analysis
  • Geographic Information
  • Quantities
  • Building Component Properties

Laser Scanning is useful in a number of areas because it provides information in less time with higher accuracy. These models aid in areas such as building design and construction because they provide the data all parties need to make informed decisions. BIM services provide a complete digital view of any area or facility to deliver reliable data that may be manipulated or used without multiple visits to the physical location.

What Are the Benefits?
The most obvious benefit of BIM services is faster acquisition of precise data for decision-making processes. However, these digital models also allow the facility manager to gain dependable modeling data for improved operations and maintenance practices. On average, three fourths of associated costs for a facility occur after it has been completed and begins operations. BIM services provide accurate data to lower these costs as a structure or area must be maintained. Additional benefits offered by BIM include:

  • Improved Design Coordination
  • Better Construction Practices
  • Fast, Accurate Modeling
  • Less Site Visits
  • Lower Costs
  • Error & Omission Reductions
  • Better Collaboration
  • Reduced Rework
  • Project Duration Decreases

With 3D BIM services, you gain the ability to better allocate and reduce the number of resources needed for a project. It also reduces the cost overruns and rework budget. By offering a complete data set measureable in 3D project outcomes improve greatly.

The process goes beyond traditional 2D or 3D resources by delivering a data repository consisting of the design, building, and maintenance information in one convenient model. This model may then be shared with stakeholders to ensure every involved process is beneficial to the project. BIM services deliver change management, data leveraging, and task administration advantages as well. At LandAir Surveying, we offer BIM services to our clients to save both time and money while gaining the most reliable information for a project. The capturing process not only takes less time to complete, but also delivers accurate, reliable data. Contact us today to see how our BIM services are able to help with any current or future project.