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Going to SPAR International?

We are getting ready for the SPAR Point Group’s 10th annual conference “End to End 3D: Capture, Process, Deliver” in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 15-18. This is the main event of the year for people in the 3D laser scanning business. For starters, every manufacturer and software developer in the 3D laser scanning world is […]

How 3D laser scanning keeps us safe…

All of the hype over 3D laser scanning often glosses over another critical advantage it has over traditional land surveying: safety. When asked to go out and procure data, we land surveyors must go where the data is and some of these places can be very dangerous. With 3D laser scanning, data can be collected […]

3D laser scanning revolutionizes construction site accident investigation and evidence collection

In early October 2012, several construction workers were killed or injured when the Miami Dade College parking garage collapsed like a pancake, trapping a then-unknown number of workers inside (See http://tinyurl.com/9956xae). Some survived, but some did not. Post-accident site investigation Since this tragic loss of life, injury, and property damage, lawyers have no doubt already […]