3D Laser Scanning is one of the best innovations in Law Enforcement and Criminal Defense in the last 50 years.  With 3D Laser Scanning you can scan a crime scene, a crash site, a catastrophic event and with a few scans capture all the data necessary to completely and thoroughly study the events that took place.

True 3D means you have the ability to look at a scene from any point of reference.  You can see what the victim was looking at as well as the intruder.  You can clearly show a jury what a driver in a car saw the moment before impact in ¼ inch detail.  3D scans are court admissible as the original files are unalterable.

This technology is regularly used by police forces, the FBI, and Criminal Defense teams from coast to coast.  It is the most precise way that exists to collect evidence and not disturb it at all.  The evidence can then be shown to third parties and juries.  It is graphical, logical and understood by anyone without regard of the technological back ground.

Below are examples of how the technology can be used and is currently being used by law enforcement professionals:

  • Never again depend on a jury’s imagination
  • Look at a scene from any direction
  • See what a witness or victim, would have or could have seen
  • Take measurements while studying the scene
  • Label objects for clarity
  • Save space, with all of the case information on a couple of disks
  • Save time, no more shuffling through photos
  • Create a dimensionally accurate animated video
  • Understand how incidents may have occurred

Please see what can be accomplished for Law Enforcement & Criminal Defense with our 3D Laser Scanning services by viewing the additional videos below:

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