tate-jonesWelcome to LandAir Surveying,

When I look back and think that our team has been together in in the land surveying business since 1988 it humbles me and at the same time makes me very proud to have such a great group of Surveyors, 3D Technology Specialists, and high quality detailed map makers. We have gone from working for a few clients in the local Metro Atlanta area to working with some of the largest and most productive firms in the world. What a journey it has been.

When we started there was not email, GPS or wifi networks. Now we can work in Oregon Atlanta, Maine, or even a mountain top in Utah and we are able to collect, high quality detailed geodetic data and send it to our clients and technicians for review and processing. I remember our first total station, our first GPS unit in 1992. We tested the new technology and produce the same data in 18 hours that had previously taken many days.

We started working with Laser Scanners in 2004. Almost 10 years before anyone else in the Southeast had ever tried it. The software was expensive and slow and cumbersome but it was still the fastest most accurate way to collect high precision 3D data of complicated environments. Since then we have taken this technology across America, and in several other countries. We started working for Engineers, Architects, and Developers.

We still work for that same group but we have added, Laser Artists, Subterranean Contractors, Structural Engineers, Forensic Specialists, Transportation Engineers, Gaming Developers, Archaeologists, Global Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, Legal experts. Every day I see data produce by our firm and the firms that we associate with produce deliverables that only last year no one had ever considered or new existed.

Now we are starting to use drone technology to produce in minutes what use to take days. We are specialists in merging data from multiple types of sensor and combining it to produce high quality deliverables for our clients. We know that one tool will not do it all. We understand that we cannot and do not need to own every piece of equipment but we team with high quality groups that can enable us to produce services and deliverables that would have been considered impossible and unheard of just a few years ago.

What is the thread that runs thru it all? It is the quality of people…Great smart people work in our firm. Everyone can buy technology. Everyone can use the technology but not everyone can understand what the client needs and pick the right tools and produce something that perfectly meets their need which may or may not have ever been done before.

I am privilege to get to associate with some of the finest innovators in the 3D data industry every day and I am thankful for that. I go across American and Canada showing our work and talking to diverse groups and industries that many times have never known that these solutions were available. We can do the same on your project

Enjoy our website, it will show you some of our accomplishments and let you see some of the innovative solutions we come up with for our clients.

Thank you,

Tate Jones
President LandAir Surveying Company